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Auto Hooks

The patented elebia automatic hook is equipped with a magnet in its lower section. When the magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the sling. The operator pushes the control button, the safety hook closes, catches the ring and lifts the load without any additional handling. The lifting hook works with cable slings, chains slings, master links, textile
slings and even big bags. With the unique elebia automatic crane hook, you will be able to pick up and release loads remotely, avoiding any handling and moving, minimising risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity.


Small, Compact, Light & Tough – We have created an automatic hook that is lighter,smaller and more compact but equally as strong.

Top Link – The system that links the automatic hook with the crane can be customized in order to adapt itself to any kind of situation.

Swivel with Bearings – The bearings allow the hook to rotate freely.

Swivel with Lock – The operator can lock it at every 90º position.

Efficient3 hour charge – 5,000 cycles / 250 hours in standby mode. With the new Eink charge status display system and new electronics, autonomy and consumption are optimized.

Clutch Protected – Motor protected by slip clutch.

Automatic Latch – The latch retracts automatically while the hook opens. This way, it remains hidden and protected.


The automatic safety hook lifts and releases the load remotely. The remote crane hook generates a magnetic field that attracts and orients the sling, masterlink or rigging gear. The operator then presses the “close” button on the remote control to automatically close the hook, without any manual intervention, operating remotely from a safe distance, minimising risks,
enhancing safety and increasing productivity.



  • Available Code Combinations: 65,536 dierent combinations.
  • Detection of Errors in Transmission: 2 CRC bytes + Forward Error Correction.
  • Frequency Selection: 1
  • Frequencies: 868MHz/915MHz (custom frequency on demand)
  • Communication: Bidirectional return of receiver battery status
  • Certification Standards: EN 300 220 Telecommunications, EN 301 489 Electromagnetic Compatibility, EN 60730 Low Voltage.
  • Radiated Power: under 5 dBm
  • Antenna: Printed circuit
  • Consumption at Rest / Transmission Operation: 5 uA / 20 mA
  • Working Temperature: -20 ºC to 85 ºC / -4 ºF to 185 ºF
  • Range: 100 metres / 330 feet


  • The standard automatic hook units are rugged, designed and built to work in almost every industry.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR Marine Environments, Offshore Operations, Operations in potentially explosive atmospheres, Operations where the automatic hooks
    are subject to extremely elevated temperatures and radiated heat.
  • INDUSTRIES – Oshore Wind Turbines, Onboard Cranes, Buoys, Oshore Wind Turbines, Onboard Cranes, Oil & Gas, Mining & Chemical, Foundries.


AUTOMATIC HOOKS evo5 to evo25

Directive on machine safety. (D2006/42/EC) - Assurance of production quality in accordance with ISO 9001. - DNV 2.22 Certified (evo5 / evo10 / evo20) - Each mechanism is delivered with the CE stamp and a declaration of CE conformity. - elebia® is a member of F.E.M. (European Federation of Materials Handling) - 100% of the hooks are load tested at 125% WLL and magnetic particles inspected.


The elebia automatic hooks are designed with a unique magnetic system, formed by 32 neodymium permanent magnets placed in a precise configuration that generate an oriented magnetic field with 3 functions: attract, center and orient the masterlink. This basic component, which is present in all our automatic hooks, is what allows the remote engage of any load.


Elebia produces different remote controls tailored to customer needs.All of them allow simple, fexible, precise and reliable control in a failsafe way. One remote control can be paired with one automatic hook or many, and one automatic hook can be controlled by many remotes. We call it: One to One / One to Many / Many to One


Made of ST 37-2 Steel Galvanized surface treatment Compatible with the complete range of automatic hooks (except evo2). Approximate weight of 17 kg / 37.47 lb Dimensions: 285 x 195 x 425 mm / 11.22 x 7.67 x 16.73 in


Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 100 cm / 35.43 x 35.43 x 39.37 in It can also be produced to meet customer specifications


The Flip-up Belt has been designed to carry and store the eMAX remote control. The eMAX remote control isprotected while it is not being usedand the operator can move freely.


Transport your automatic hooks andaccessories anywhere you need safelyand comfortably with the customised Light cases.