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Automatic Lifting Magnet

Ixtur MAP-6 and MAP-40 are pneumatically controlled neodymium permanent magnets, which have excellent size / gripping force ratio and extremely low residual magnetism. The compact size combined with high gripping force make them versatile for various applications including: lifters, robot grippers, fixtures, production automation, etc.

Ixtur MAP Pneumatic Magnets do not change their magnetic state if compressed air is lost – e.g. in case of a damaged pipe or compressor malfunction. This feature provides reliability and safety to material handling.

Unlike vacuum lifting solutions, Ixtur MAP magnets handle also perforated material. The magnets consume significantly less air than vacuum grippers, because compressed air is used only to switch the magnet on and off. MAP-40 is the best choice when gripping on rougher surfaces, e.g. parts made of cast iron.


  • Maintenance free
  • Excellent size / gripping force ratio
  • Gripping force -MAP-6: 177 N (WLL 6 kg with safety factor 3)
  • Gripping Force – MAP-40: 1177 N (WLL 40 kg with safety factor 3)
  • Extremely low residual magnetism, i.e. gripping force at the magnet’s OFF state
  • Durable construction
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Handles also perforated material
  • Can be used with a large range of material thicknesses


  • Lifting tool for professional use
  • For flat steel material handling
  • Automatic control
  • Compact size
  • Internal chargeable battery
  • Bi-stable structure


LI-120 Automatic Lifting Magnet

Automatic Lifting Magnet LI-120 has bi-stable operational structure, which means that the device does not consume energy while maintaining the magnet’s states. The switching between states is controlled with a short electrical pulse either manually with operation buttons or automatically with a built-in load-sensing system.