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Transport Logistic


Milk Run systems make for smooth Logistics

Perfect condition for lean production exist when the material you receive from suppliers stays in motion until it reaches your customers. BLOKSMA transfer pallets are available in various models and can be purchased with customer specified accessories. They guaranteed a smooth production process from your receiving area to your shipping bay.



  • Stackable
  • No additional requirement necessary
  • Available in all sizes


  • Ideal for fast and safe internal transport
  • Twing bar adapted to your tug
  • Compatiable for all major conveyance vehicles
  • Convient ramp opening and closing systems
  • Various steering systems available
  • One or two sided loading


Taxi cart - cantry carts - milkrun

Taxi Cart - Yellow Cab Gantry Carts

Transport on wheels

Platform Taxi Carts TRR - Rack Carts CarryMore® - C-Frame Cart with suited trolley

Transport-System with feet

Transportracks and Transportpalet - Shuttlebox Racks and Cabinets Top cover with integrated lashing strap

Other models

Material collective box Providing of pallet cages/containers Checklist