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Your Production on wheels

Durable, compact, with or without push/pull assist and/or oil pan- Carts made by BLOKSMA for state-of-the-art, forklift-free production are available in various sizes and payload capacities. Carts will be designed and built to meet your specifications.


  • LLC and SLC standards
  • Ideal for internal transport
  • Wheels available in PP, PA , rubber and ESD (polyurethane outer tires also available)
  • Ready for pallet transport
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Various models and sizes
  • Optional accessories – oil pan and push/pull assist.


  • Production rolling
  • Pailet transport


Trolleys for KLT and GLT

Trolleys for KLT Trolley INCH sizes Trolley 600x500

Trolleys for heavy loads

Trolleys for heavy loads Trolley EURO size 800 x 1.200 Trolley VDA size 1.200 x 1.000

Trolleys for light loads

Trolley for light loads Trolley for light loads and oil-tight

Trolleys - oil tight

Trolley- moulded, oli-tight

Trolley - other models

Trolley - other versions Trolley - accessories Checklist