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Workpiece Carriers

Custom  Made Quality for Automated production

From small and light to large and heavy – BLOKSMA offers technologically advanced and custom made workpiece carriers to meet your automated production needs. Depending on part weight, part density and ergonomics, you can choose from a variety of carriers, manufactured of sheet metal, steel or tubular design.


  • Available in standard sizes or customised as your specifications
  • Durable construction
  • Part nest designed to perfectly handle your workpieces
  • Fixed or flexible part nests
  • Ideal for various types of industries


  • Ideal for various types of industries
  • Tubuklar designs


Workpiece carriers systems steel sheet

WTB - Workpiece carriers for light small components

Workpiece carriers pipe

WTR - Work piececarriers for heavy and big components

Workpiece carriers wire

WTD - Workpiece carriers in wire - sheet metal combination


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