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Engineering Design and custom made solution

ENIMAT Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 as a company specialized in
providing lifting equipment, material handling and logistic solutions to
industrial clients. We are your one stop material handling solution delivering
prompt and right solution to your specific material handling requirement.
Our products are such as
– Industrial manipulator, Vacuum lifter.
– Air balancer, Spring balancer, Servo hoist, Electric hoist.
– Aluminium rail, Steel rail, Jib crane, Portable lifter.
– Electric-Pneumatic lifter, Hydraulic lift table, Electric towing tug.
– Transport pallet, Conveyor system and other Logistic solutions.


  • specialist in material handling industry
  • material handling medical marijuana card industry
  • material handling equipment to supply customer in various industries


  • Industrial Manipulator: Manipulator with custom gripper toolingfor handling
  • Vacuum lifter for 4.5 Ton
  • Jib crane system : attach with lifting unit handling product under working radius.
  • Light crane system for handlingproduct in working area, steel rail and aluminum rail are available.
  • Lifter and logistic solution
  • Hydraulic lifting table
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