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Ixtur Lifting Beams

Ixtur Lifting Beams are automatic and battery powered beams that are tailored according to customer’s needs. The product is completely wireless and easy to take into use; there is no need for electric cables or pneumatic hoses from the crane to the beam. The low energy consumption grants multiple working days with one full battery charge.

The automatic operation of the magnets’ mean that the crane operator’s hand will be free for other tasks than attaching or detaching the magnets. The operator can concentrate fully on guiding the beam and controlling the crane.

Thanks to Ixtur magnet technology, the magnets need energy only for changing their magnetic state. The load stays attached even if battery dies, which brings safety to material handling.


  • Automatic magnet ON/OFF operation
  • Wireless functionality
  • Battery operated
  • Quickly changeable battery
  • 30 h on standby or
  • 1000 lifts with one charge
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to take into use
  • CE approved


  • used for small beams with few magnets.
  • magnets can be installed in a single row or in multiple rows.
  • The beams capacities can range from hundreds to thousands of kilograms.


Automatic Ixtur Lifting Beam

12 meters long 21 pcs of MAE-150 magnets 4 pcs of load sensors Automatic magnet ON/OFF control

Ixtur Lifting Beam

6 meters long 6 pcs of MAE-150 magnets Manual magnet ON/OFF control