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Spring Balancer

Spring balancers of the highest quality – for better work station ergonomics.

Discover high-quality Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers which serve as optimal equipment for ergonomic work stations. Spring balancers, often called retractors, are practical aids in assembly and production. These handling devices facilitate picking up a tool and keeping it constantly at hand, for instance. Many activities are easier to perform with cable hoists.

Kromer spring balancers are manufactured according to the highest quality guidelines. They have an automatic retracting function and hold tools weighing between 0 and 14 kg in a position where they are always ready for use. Our spring balancers are cylindrical and designed so that the retracting force increases with increasing cable extension. The gradual, smooth increase in retraction force ensures very precise work. After use, the spring balancer automatically returns the load is to the starting position. The work station remains orderly at all times, and the tool cannot be lost or misplaced.

Some of our spring balancers are available with a ratchet lock. The lock increases ergonomics even more and can be for special applications. The ratchet lock allows the suspended load to be locked in a pre-determined position when the load is moved back slowly.

You can creatively use our spring balancers in a wide range of areas. The only limit is your imagination. We would be happy to advise you and work together with you to create a concept for optimally using spring balancers and other Kromer products in your operations to reduce costs, increase productivity, and relieve loads on your staff. However, retractors are not designed for goods or load transport.


  • Load ranges between 0.5 and 2.0 kg
  • Cable extension range: 2.0 m
  • Housing of very impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant plastic
  • Cable drum of abrasion-resistant plastic
  • High-strength special suspension spring
  • High-strength polyamide cable
  • Elastic cable stop buffer
  • Light-duty spring hook for load suspension
  • Easy load setting via handwheel


  • Kromer spring balancers are particularly durable, safe, and extraordinarily precise.
  • They outperformed the competition in all areas.
  • Kromer spring balancers are life-tested and meet the requirements of DIN 15112.
  • They conform to CE guidelines and bear the “GS” safety-test label.
  • Their retracting performance is especially smooth, and some models are designed for truly continuous operation under great load.


Kromer 5200 spring balancer

A simple, practical device with load ranges of 0.5-2.0 kg and a cable extension range of 2.0 m. An uncomplicated spring balancer that provides reliable support.

Kromer 7200 spring balancer

A retractor for sensitive, light tools, suitable for almost any application in load ranges of up to 2.5 kg. The cable extension range of 1.6 m easily covers the work area.

Kromer 7211 and 7212 spring balancers

Our all-rounder for hand-operated tools with load ranges of 0.5-5.5 kg. The effective retractor for work areas of up to 2.5 m cable extension range. Available with ratchet lock.

Kromer 7221 and 7222 spring balancers

This device offers high quality and safety for load ranges of 2.0-14.0 kg. Despite the long cable extension range (3.0 m), it allows precise work in all application areas. Available with ratchet lock.