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  • Coil weight from 200 kg (440 Lbs) to 35 tons (77,000 Lbs)
  • Strip width from 200 mm (8”) to 2000 mm (80 “)
  • Material thickness from 0.1 mm (4 thou) up to 10 mm (0.4 in.)
  • Material quality from soft aluminium up to 1500 Mpa high press steel
  • Short line, long line, no loop configurations match all applications.




Long lines

The most efficient, the fastest, the one to use with delicate materials. Levellers and feeders are separated by a loop allowing the feeder and the press to run at maxi speed with a smooth and continuous process in the straightener. Speed software automatically matches feeders and coil unwinding speed together with the line rate and feed length. Infeed peeler & table allow safe and quick coil change process .

Short lines

How to save space… The best for heavy materials… Straightening and feeding operations are combined in one machine. We use either a loop under coil or a rear loop when possible. For specific applications, a servo driven uncoiler is used to match feed rate .

Coil feed line

Single or double sided uncoiler Coil loading system Precision straightener or corrective leveller Servo feed

Quick Coil change

Today challenge is to make short runs and to get the line running as much as possible… Solutions for quick coil change: Double and quadruple uncoilers Integrated coil loading (tilting) equipment Multiple coil holder Autonomous coil loading & tilting car

Side shearing

To be used for blank width calibration or multi blank production Automatic NC transfer drives punched blanks crosswise to side shear 4 m (12 ft ) capacity Trapezoidal parts can be achieved


Stacking just under shear blades gets rid of any damage or time loss generated by extra conveying system High speed stacking up to 60 blanks per minute Pallet management customized as per workshop specificity

Operator safety

New stronger materials bring risks which must be overcome by specific ancillaries Coil containing snuber rolls Infeed peeler Threading table Perimetre fencing with safety locks and light barriers