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(English) Electric Hoist

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Fully sealed design, special surface treatment and special anti-static coating not only effectively prevent dust emission but also avoid contamination by external fine particles.

Wheel block
Fully sealed design, stainless steel wheel, anti-rust coating on other parts to prevent contamination due to corrosions, seal lubricated and sealed bearings to prevent grease leakage or spillage.

Wire rope
High strength, ductile fiber rope leads to a wear-free result on thedrum and pulleys
No lubrication
No spillage.

Stainless steel casing effectively prevents pollutions due to rust. Deeper groove assures the rope remain in order without a rope guider, hence no potential pollutions due to the friction bwteen the rope and guider.

Hoisting drive
Fully enclosed and sealed gearbox assures absolutely leak-free. High IP grade motor without fan prevents dust emissions due to transmission.

Electrical control panel
Electrical control system is designed with IP65 protection grade and the metal parts are made of stainless steel materials. Fasteners (bolts and nuts) are Decrement surface treated.


(English) Manufactured in accordance with international standard

Since its launch, NCH Electric Chain Hoist has been highly regarded and becoming the most popular among the customers and crane makers for its top quality and high performance with a very competitive price tag. Continued its design concept of German origin, NCH Electric Chain Hoist is compact, reliable and durable, and suitable for a wide range of applications. NCH Electric Chain Hoists are designed and manufactured fully in accordance with European FEM, EN and Germany DIN standards as well as the ISO and Chinese GB/JB standards.


Ergonomic design and standardization bring up an improved operation experience with a greatly reduced maintenance cost. The main components of the NCH chain hoist are designed with minimal requirements of maintenance under the specified operating conditions and no replacement required.

The desirable outstanding performance

The modular design enables a flexible combination of the product units for a quick and easy customization as well as a better maintainability. NCH Electric Chain Hoist can work together with manual or motorized trolleys to be installed on flexible girders, monorail, jib cranes and overhead bridges. The VVVF trolley control combined with the high hoisting speed provide you with flexible and cost effective material handling solutions.


Lifting motor

Light weight and compact Rev speed: up to 3000 rpm High starting torque and high energy efficiency Duty class of 60%, suits heavy duty applications Protection grade IP55 and insulation grade Class F

Lifting brake

Electromagnetic disc brake is arranged at the end of the drive gear shaft Asbestos free Brake disc with maintenance-free design, can automatically adjust brake clearance Capable for 1 million brakes. The fully enclosed brake with High grade protection to suit harsh conditions Braking torque is twice of the nomial motor torque


Helical gear design, with high transmission efficiency and low noise surface hardened gearse, heat treatments after grinding, IT7 grading Full oil bath lubrication, ultra low noise and extra long life Perfect meshing and efficient transmission

Overload clutch

Integrated onto the drive gear shaft Overload protection function can keep torque up to 1.4 times of safe load Maintenance-free design, adjustable overload torque

Electrical connector

Aluminum standard connectors prevent misconnection and overlooked connection 10-core connector makes control and power supply easier Plug and play, convenient and efficient

Chain sprocket mechanism

Chain sprocket designed with five sockets with surface hardening treatment Smoother and quieter leading chainsuitting to aggressive operating environment


Carburized chain made of special high-strength alloy steel GalvanizedSurface Abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant High safety factor


Made of high strength alloy by the integrated die-casting and moulding, anti-corrosion and air tight Special suspension design prevents the shell from taking the lifting load. Engineering plastic for motor casing Light overall weight and good heat dissipation

Control Pendant

Standard quick plug connection with the hoist Low voltage control with Emergency push button Control cables are all 1.5mm2 high quality copper core round cables Control switch and cable hung onto a rope wire to avoid premature failure