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(English) Ixtur Lifting Beams

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  • Automatic magnet ON/OFF operation
  • Wireless functionality
  • Battery operated
  • Quickly changeable battery
  • 30 h on standby or
  • 1000 lifts with one charge
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to take into use
  • CE approved



  • used for small beams with few magnets.
  • magnets can be installed in a single row or in multiple rows.
  • The beams capacities can range from hundreds to thousands of kilograms.


Automatic Ixtur Lifting Beam

12 meters long 21 pcs of MAE-150 magnets 4 pcs of load sensors Automatic magnet ON/OFF control

Ixtur Lifting Beam

6 meters long 6 pcs of MAE-150 magnets Manual magnet ON/OFF control